wearing new shoes 1

The material of the Boun’Shoes is high quality leather very soft and with natural colours; it can be leather or suede

Each of these materials behave differently.

  • LEATHER shoes will mold to the shape of your foot, and after a few months will fit precisely and feel nice and soft. Buy leather shoes that are close fitting but not too much. They will feel a bit tight to begin with, but after a while will feel incredibly comfortable.
  • SUEDE  leather is softer than normal leather. Buy suede shoes that are quite close fitting. Like leather, they will feel a bit tight to begin with but will mold precisely around your feet.

New shoes, in particular leather shoes, need time to break in and soften before reaching their true comfort level. So here are our tips for a comfortable break-in experience:

Do your shoes feel tight?  Leather will stretch using your new shoes but if you need to speed up the natural process of stretching and molding to your feet, you can ….

Try the socks + hairdryer trick:

A popular and handy trick to speed up the process is to wear the shoes with socks (very thick socks if the shoes are a bit tight) and run a warm hairdryer over them for a few short sessions. Ensure the hairdryer is just warm and not hot, as close-up extreme heat can damage the leather. This trick will help you stretch your shoes up to half a size larger within a day!