The leather in our shoes breathes and allows the wonderful transpiration that your feet will benefit from. At the same time it means that it will absorb creams and waxes easily, so be careful to chemical products. It is important to use high-quality shoe polish; we recommend using products containing lanolin

To clean from spot stains, try a gentle makeup remover on a cotton bud.

Moisturize them as needed: leather, like our skin, tends to dry-up. You can use a good and natural moisturizing shoe cream:  apply the cream on one shoe at a time with a clean soft cotton, cloth wrapped around your fingers.  Move in circles and insist with pressure over creases and superficial scratches. Remember that more is not better, so proceed around the shoe with a small quantity of cream to make sure it gets absorbed nicely into the leather

Suede does not need much use of care products. We recommend to brush them with the stiff bristle brush and to remove spots with rubber brush

    Put a bit of crumpled newspaper in your shoes after wearing them. This will smooth wrinkles from walking and dancing, as well as absorb moisture

Store them away from humidity and sunlight: leather tends to be fussy – prolonged moisture will damage it and sunlight can fade its colour. At home, store them somewhere with plenty of air and no sunlight.

And now…remember that  the signs of wear on dancing  shoes are the signs of the love for dancing and life!